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Wonderful course! My ability to give presentations in English improved a lot, Many thanks.

Guillermo V. 

These videos helped me give several important presentations in English, which were very successful. It really helped. Thank you.

 Rosario C

How to Give Great Presentations in English


Do you struggle with giving presentations in a foreign language? You’re not alone, but it’s time to change that. Our seminar is here to help you overcome this challenge and become a confident and effective communicator in English.

In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Simple strategies to focus, organize, and deliver your ideas in a clear and concise way
  • How to write, rehearse, and present with ease and confidence
  • Tips to leave a lasting impression on your audience, even with imperfect English
  • Common-sense techniques to improve your presentation skills in any language

No matter the size of your audience, these strategies will help you shine. Take the first step towards confident and effective communication in English today.

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How to Give Great Presentations in English,
Even if Your English Isn’t Great


Module 1: Planning Your Talk

  • Identify the strong points in your topic
  • Organize your presentation for natural flow

Module 2: Preparing for Your Talk

  • Build your presentation with key expressions linking ideas together
  • Rethink your structure for easier audience understanding
  • Use culture sensitivity to avoid mistakes and build empathy
  • Utilize multimedia to communicate without words

Module 3: Delivering Your Talk

  • Use physical and non-verbal cues for better expression
  • Transform nervousness into a positive advantage
  • Discover your natural charisma to bring energy and passion to your talk


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