How to Give Great Presentations in English

So much of communication is unspoken. Words count, but it’s not so much what you say as how you say it.

Anyone who needs to communicate using a non-native language should keep this in mind.

That’s because there are simple strategies that they can apply that will vastly improve their ability to present their ideas during formal or informal presentations, either in-person, or over video conference.

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Giving a presentation in your native language can be a big challenge. But isn’t it a much bigger challenge when you need to give a presentation in a foreign language, like English?

बेशक, that is no surprise. After all, when you speak in your native language, you have the power of words at your command and you can move smoothly between ideas.

But when you present in English, whether it is in a virtual Zoom call, a small meeting, or in front of a large audience, you lose some of that power. It is as simple as that. You need to realize this, and then do a few things that can easily compensate for your lack of language.

And that is where this seminar will help you. The topic is how non-native speakers of English can give great presentations in English.

I will show you how to maximize what you already know how do so you can give a great presentation in English.

I will show you how to focus, organize, write, rehearse and give your presentation so that in a way that your audience will easily understand you, in spite of bad English, and as a result, you will leave a great impression.

When you learn and apply these common-sense skills, your ability to present in a foreign language, and in your own language, is going to improve immediately and you will impress your audience with your ability as a communicator.

And it won´t matter if you are speaking to a small group or a large audience, these strategies will make your presentation a winner.

I will show you how.

Let’s get started and put you on your way to giving great presentation when speaking a foreign language.


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Why Presentation Training?



Whether you are speaking to a large crowd live, or you are presenting over your computer, there are many ways to strengthen your message.

But first, you need to make changes in three key areas:


  • Planning your talk
  • Preparing for your talk
  • Delivering your talk.


You can discover the natural points in your topic, and you can make sure that you organize the presentation so that it flows naturally.

  • Discover the natural strong points in your topic.
  • Build a natural flow to your content.


Because you communicate differently when you speak a foreign language, you can compensate for your weaknesses and build on your strengths by changing the way you prepare.


  • Build your presentation the right way. Link your ideas together with key expressions
  • Rethink your structure to make it easier for your audience to understand.
  • Guide your audience from point A to point B with confidence using the correct language
  • Consider points of resistance. Consider the culture of your audience to look for opportunities, and to avoid mistakes. This will help you build empathy.
  • Use Multimedia. Discover and develop your ability to communicate with no words at all.


This is the performance. I’ll show you some ways to use physical, non-verbal cues to express yourself better. You will discover your natural charisma which will help you fill your talk with energy and passion.

  • Use physical, non-verbal cues to express yourself better.
  • Turn nervousness to your advantage

This seminar covers a lot of ground, but I am sure you will find almost everything useful, and because it is all common sense, you will remember what you learned and they will become a natural part of your communication.


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Wonderful course! Wonderful teacher! Great progress! My ability to give presentations in English improved a lot thanks to his coaching.

Guillermo V.

Alan helped me give several important presentations in English, which were very successful thanks to his advice.

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Frequently Asked

What level of English do I need to watch the video seminar?

Anyone with an upper-basic level of English should be able to understand this seminar. Students are encouraged to use the subtitles with translation into their own language so they don’t miss out.

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