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If you need to read, write, and speak about the economy in you want to improve your English, you’re in the right place. We know that topics like banking, finance, and government have their own special words and ideas. We are here to help you talk about them confidently in English.

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The Economic Impact of Henrietta Lacks: Who Profits from Our Cells?

Hello, this is Alan Robert, your host for English for Economists. Welcome to podcast number 79. In today's episode, I touch on a story blending ethics, economics, and medical research so you can learn some great vocabulary....

Recession or Soft Landing?

In today's episode, we'll examine an opinion article that talks about the possibilities of a recession that was published in the New York Times on July 24th, 2023.  In this podcast, I will introduce some really useful vocabulary that will help you discuss the issue of...

Copper Prices

In today's episode, we'll examine an article titled 'Copper is unexpectedly getting cheaper', published in the Economist magazine on July 6th, 2023. We will see why copper is getting cheaper, and you’ll learn some useful vocabulary along the way....

What Are Carbon-Linked Bonds?

Welcome to episode 76 of English for Economists. Today, we will be looking once again at an issue related to climate change, and the role economics can play in reducing air pollution. We’ll be diving into these terms: 'Carbon pricing',  'Carbon-linked bonds',...

Ireland’s Fishing Industry

[Music Break] Today, in our 74th podcast, we're examining a significant economic news piece while learning four key vocabulary words: "Death by a thousand cuts," "Fleets," "Quotas," and "Scrap." Let's take a look at today's headline: “'Death by a Thousand Cuts' for...

Debt Ceilings and ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’

Last week, we looked at how investors were reacting to fears that the US government would reach its legally allowed spending limit, leading to spending cuts and loan defaults. The vocabulary we covered was: brace, debt-ceiling, and default. Brace meant to hold on...

The Debt Ceiling Crisis

Today, our topic is the debt-ceiling debate currently going on in the USA. Let's dive right in! In this episode, we'll focus on three key vocabulary words: brace, debt-ceiling, and default. These words are essential for understanding the headline and sub headline...

In Its Face and Breathing Down Its Neck

Hello and welcome to "English for Economists," episode 72. Today, I'm going to talk about a recent article published earlier this week by the Economist Magazine, which highlights the delicate position of South Korea as it tries to balance its relationship with both...

Wonking Out: Exploring the Future of the US Dollar

Hello and welcome to "English for Economists," episode 71. Today we're going to talk about a recent article published by Paul Krugman in the New York Times newsletter on February 3rd. The title of the article is "Wonking Out: Is the Dollar’s Dominance Under Threat?"....

The Impact of AI on Writing

In this episode, we will be discussing a recent news story published by The New York Times on the impact of artificial intelligence on the writing industry. The headline reads "Tinkering With ChatGPT, Workers Wonder: Will This Take My Job?" Listen again: "Tinkering...