About English for Economists

My name is Alan Robert, and I have been teaching English to economists for 25 years.  

Moving to Peru some time ago I started teaching English as a second language, before going on to found one of the longest lasting Spanish schools in Peru.

Alan Robert

My wife took over running of the school and now my main focus is on my passion for teaching english to economists.

Our students need to improve their English to attend economics conferences, give presentations in English to their colleagues and to write articles for key economic and management journals.

Our students want to do this in a quick, efficient fun way and my passion for teaching and love of economics ensure that you will improve your English faster than you thought possible.

Here are just a few comments from some of your fellow students about how I teach. I am excited that you are interested in joining them.

“One of the greatest learning experiences I have encountered” 

“Wonderful course. Wonderful teacher! Wonderful explanations!”

“I liked how you added important grammar and even the culture of your country!”

“I love how it feels like I’m learning from PBS”

“I love the course. Very very informative”

“Awesome instructor! Takes his time to teach! Gives the meanings and the what to listen for”