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  • Practice speaking about current economic issues
  • Learn the specific vocabulary used in your field
  • 改善您的發音
  • 提高您的閱讀理解能力



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CBDC, Stablecoins, DeFi and Web3

Hello, friends from all over the world. Welcome to the English for Economists podcast. This is podcast number 63. I am Alan Robert and I am very happy that you joined me today. Thank you for your support. It’s January 24th, 2023, and today our topic deals with the...

ChatGPT and AI

在本課中, we will look at words related to artificial intelligence and chatbots. A company called OpenAI (and remember, AI stands for ‘artificial intelligence’) released a product called ChatGPT at the end of last November. ChatGPT allows users to ask it...

The ‘GigEconomy

在本課中, you will learn vocabulary related to the so-called ‘gig' economy that is currently growing with leaps and bounds -- words like gig, task, self-employed, and freelancer, among a few others.   Hello friends from all over the world. This is...

What on Earth Is a ‘Fintwit Schemer’?

This English lesson looks at the meaning of these words and expressions: FinTwit; To Scheme; To Bilk; To 'Pump and Dump'. Practice your listening and reading. Listen to the lesson and follow along with the script below....

Some Central Banks Are Stockpiling Gold

在本課中, you’ll hear words related to gold, and gold reserves. And, at the end of the podcast, I’ll share the correct pronunciation of some keywords in English. There will also be a chance for you to win a free English course, so stay tuned to hear this week's...

Breakthrough at Talks Spurs Concessions

Listen to this headline that was published in a newspaper called The Business Standard. Listen closely because this headline is tricky to understand and it contains a lot of information. Breakthrough in Venezuela Talks Spurs US to Ease Embargo Listen again:...

Counterfeit Jewelry

The headline we will use for this class was published in the New York Times on November 21st, 2022. Jewelry Counterfeits: The Age-Old Problem Just Keeps Growing Jewelry counterfeits. What’s that? Jewelry 'are' those items that you might wear around your fingers, your...


歡迎來到經濟學人英文, 該播客適用於希望使用現實世界提高英文水平嘅經濟學工作者, 當代例子. 在本課中, 我哋將看看圍繞FTX最近崩潰嘅一些詞彙, 一個大..


理解徜徉意外收穫徜徉呢個詞, 將其分為“風”和“落”兩部分好有用. 風係空氣嘅自然運動. 風吹. 如果風吹得夠勁, 它可以令事情下降. 例如, 意外收穫呢個詞-最早喺..


我哋今日再次由《經濟學人》雜誌上汲取英語課, 10月13日發表咗一篇優秀嘅文, 2022, 題為: 誰將在金融科技大屠殺中倖存下來? 大屠殺! 聽起嚟好严重, 唔係咩? 井, 唔係字面上嘅血浴, 但。。.


嗨,啲朋友. 在本課中, 你會看到“救助”呢個詞係咩意思, 你仲將學習徜徉發放桎梏和桎梏打開財政水龍頭徜徉嘅表達方式. 在我開始之前, 我確實想提吓,我最近喺歐洲旅行並使咗好多錢。.

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What Students Say

精彩課程! 優秀嘅老師! 大進展! 由於佢嘅指導,我用英文進行演講嘅能力大大提高了.


艾倫幫我用英文做咗幾個重要嘅演講, 由於佢嘅建議,非常成功.