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India’s Tech Sector and the Carbon Footprint

This is lesson number 44, and today’s topic is the carbon footprint and India’s tech sector. https://youtu.be/nxJMAv1Ye9E So, check out this headline, which was published on the webpage of the Financial Times on June 12, 2022, and see how much you understand: The...


Check out this headline, which was published by the United Nations on their UN News page on June 06, 2022. https://youtu.be/rPFHLFvn8tc Let’s break this headline down to see what it means, and see which vocabulary can be useful for you to use. The first word is...

Bear Market Rally

https://youtu.be/8fxwG29rrEU   Check out this headline, which was published by Reuter’s yesterday. So what does that mean? Well, first let’s see what a bear market is. A “bear market” describes a situation where the overall stock market drops in value by 20% or...

Reverse Repos

  https://youtu.be/GPwIUmIl6nA   Hello everyone. Welcome to the English for Economists. These are short English lessons that are meant especially for people working in economics and finance. This is podcast lesson number 41, and today is May 25, 2022. In...

Digital Payments

https://youtu.be/g2aGeaQ-fiE   Our English lesson today is about digital payments. This is a fascinating topic, and there is no doubt that over the next few years, economists like you will see a lot of experimentation with different kinds of digital payment...

Solar Geoengineering

  https://youtu.be/iXxWp1T861s Our English lesson today has to do with climate change and science. Our topic is ‘Solar Geoengineering’, which is one of the solutions that some climate scientists are recommending as a partial solution to the problem of global...

Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 billion

https://youtu.be/9KNV15X_an8   Our English vocabulary selection today is about Elon Musk’s purchase of 44 billion dollars worth of shares of  Twitter last week. It was almost impossible to have missed the news, and that’s because Twitter is the favorite social...

Fertilizer Shortage

https://youtu.be/wk93MTzZYI8   Our English vocabulary selection today regards fertilizer. You know, fertilizer, the stuff you add to the ground where you are growing plants to make them grow better, and faster. Fertilizer is a very relevant topic since there is...

Sovereign Debt and Default

https://youtu.be/-TyQBk3KIp4     Our English vocabulary selection today has to do with sovereign debt and default. This is a very relevant topic as soaring commodity prices and higher interest rates are putting the finances of many poor countries at risk....

Inflation | English Lesson

https://youtu.be/xNdbvaBPlNA   Hello and welcome. My name is Alan Robert, and today is April 12th, 2022.   Our English vocabulary selection today has to do with inflation. We’ve touched upon inflation in recent previous podcasts when we have looked at the...


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