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1월 2, 2023

이번 영어수업에서, you will learn vocabulary related to the so-called ‘gigeconomy that is currently growing with leaps and boundswords like gig, 직무, 자영업자, 그리고 freelancer, 몇 가지 다른 사람들 사이에서.

전 세계에서 온 친구들 안녕. 팟캐스트 번호입니다 61. 저는 Alan Robert이고 오늘 저와 함께하게 되어 매우 기쁩니다.. Today is January 2nd, 2023 – and this is the first podcast of this year.  I sincerely hope that you make great strides with your English in 2023. It is really a privilege for me to be a part of your learning process.

Let’s get started with our English lesson.

Listen to this headline that was posted on the website of the Tony Blair Institute For Global Change, back in 12th April 2022.


Making It Work: Understanding the Gig Economy’s Shortcomings and Opportunities

그래서, what is the ‘gigeconomy?

기사에 따르면 (British spelling is used), 그리고 나는 인용한다:

The modern, dynamic digitalised economy has often been characterised as the “gig economy”, with tasks (or “gigs”) increasingly mediated online through digital labour platforms.

They are referring to a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs. Think about services like Uber, or Airbnb, where people are paid for each service they provide. 예를 들어, each food delivery, each taxi ride, or each time an apartment is rented.

아직, the concept of the ‘gigeconomy is still a little vague.

The article goes on to say this:

“… there is no single, universally accepted definition of this online “gig work”, how it differs from traditional ideas of employment or how it relates to the concept of the platform economy.”

Aha! There is another good expression to know: Platform economy. The ‘platform economy’ is even a broader concept than ‘the gig economy'. It means the tendency for commerce to increasingly use digital platform business models using software and apps.

But even though there is no single definition of ‘gig work’, the article states that it is usually understood as “short-term, on-demand work mediated by online platforms, with workers typically paid per 직무, and most workers contractually classified as self-employed or independent contractors.”

As a result of this, the labor force can be more productive, but workers can also lose rights. And that’s what the title refers to when it says that there are ‘shortcomings'. A ‘shortcoming’ is when there is a failure to meet a certain standard.

So friends, next time you request a taxi or order food with an application, you are a participant in the ‘gig‘economy, and you are creating short-term employment for a ‘gigworker. There are pros and cons to this new reality and it will continue to be an issue of interest for economists all over the world. It is useful to know how to discuss it in English.


Let’s review the vocabulary:

  • Gig: a task, a job, or an assignment.
  • Gig Economy is a labor market with mostly short-term contracts as opposed to permanent jobs.
  • Platform economy: economy based on apps and software.
  • Self-employed: working for oneself as a freelancer or the owner of a business rather than for an employer.
  • Freelancer: someone working for different companies at different times instead of being permanently employed by one company. Freelancers are 자영업자.
  • Shortcoming: Something that is not adequate. Something that falls short.

괜찮아, that’s it for our vocabulary lesson but before we jump into some pronunciation practice, I want to encourage you to subscribe to my 70-minute video seminar on how to give great presentations in English, even if your English still isn’t perfect.

There is also a very cool translator function on this web page, so you can translate all of the podcast lessons into your own language so you can double-check for accuracy.


괜찮은! Let’s do some pronunciation practice of five words that economists frequently use, to make sure you are saying them right.

잘 들어:







곧 또 다른 영어 수업으로 돌아올게요. If you enjoyed this one, you might also enjoy our English lesson on 인도의 기술 부문과 탄소 발자국, for more tech-related vocabulary. This is Alan Robert at englishforeconomists.com. Happy New Year to all!


사진 크레디트: Gig worker. (2022, 12 월 8). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gig_worker


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