Économistes en action

Boost your ability to discuss economic topics in English with our video course, ‘Economists in Action.In just four hours, you’ll learn essential words and phrases commonly used by English-speaking economists. This course helps you confidently pronounce, understand, and use these important terms. Avec 12 easy-to-follow chapters and a handy flashcard tool, you can quickly improve your English skills. Elevate your career by enrolling in ‘Economists in Action’ aujourd'hui!

Skill Areas:

    1. Describing Trends in Economic Data
    2. Forecasting Future Economic Conditions
    3. Explaining the Impact of Economic Policies
    4. Presenting Data to Support Economic Arguments
    5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Government Intervention in the Economy.
    6. Exploring the Relationship Between Economic Growth and Social Welfare
    7. Implementing Economic Policies and Strategies
    8. Adapting to Changing Economic Conditions
    9. Innovating New Economic Solutions
    10. Negotiating an Economic Agreement
    11. Comparing and Contrasting Supply and Demand Trends
    12. Examining the Impact of Globalization on the Economy


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