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Bear Market Rally

Jun 1, 2022


Check out this headline, which was published by Reuter’s yesterday.

So what does that mean?

Well, first let’s see what a bear market is.

A “bear market” describes a situation where the overall stock market drops in value by 20% or more from its recent highs. In other words.. when the stock market is in terrible shape!

So what about a “bear market rally”? Well, that’s when the prices turn around suddenly and start to rise – in other words, prices bounce back – but that rally doesn’t last, and prices continue to fall.


And finally, what is a “strategist”? Well, a strategist is someone who thinks about and plans an action. So, a strategist at Morgan Stanley would be someone who analyzes the market in order to see what people should invest in, and when.

So, in summary. Bear market: A stock market where prices are falling fast. Bear market rally: When prices temporarily start to rise during a bear market. And strategist? The person who analyzes a situation and plans an action.

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